Refund Policy | Griffin


Griffin aims to always provide high quality virtual items (obtained in exchange for donate points) that is fault free. Faults include and are not limited to data corruption.

This refund policy covers only faults that impair the use of the donate points.

This refund policy does not cover use difficulties arising out of issues such as file incompatibility or minor mistakes in virtual items itself such as spelling errors or graphical faults that do not result from data corruption

Donate points cannot be exchanged back into a currency. Purchases of donate points are not refundable

If a purchased donate points are not exchanged into the virtual items during 30 calendar days it then is no longer valid and cannot be a subject of refund. Refund requests of donate points purchases within 30 calendar days are at the exclusive discretion of Griffin. If a virtual item was given to a user on terms of bonus, gift or promotion then it cannot be a subject of refund into donate points

If a virtual item contains faults on receiving, you should inform Griffin immediately and must inform us within 24 hours of receiving in order to receive donate points back equal to the purchase price of the relevant virtual item. Any notification received outside of this time period is at the exclusive discretion of Griffin

Accidental purchases of donate points occurred as a result of technical fault in the payment system you paid through must be disputed with the respective payment processor. Griffin is not responsible for any technical faults arising at payment processors. Griffin is not in charge of handling credit/debit and bank transactions undertaken to purchase donate points

Where any refund is issued under any circumstances, Griffin reserves the right to suspend or terminate the respective account with the website

For all enquiries about the status of your orders, please contact us